Let's name these new expansion teams: Seattle. … “Silver said in a news conference last month that the NBA was dusting off its long-dormant expansion consideration and had put more time into the concept during the current pandemic. Expansion specimen on behance. The NBA is getting serious about expansion, and I think you’ll find their shortlist rather intriguing. Vancouver. The Sure Single. 0 of 7 . Share Share Tweet Email Comment. NFL - Future power rankings, projecting the next three seasons, ranking teams from 1 to 32 Honestly, I’m not sure if anyone outside of the 502 area code ever really took Possibility City as a serious possibility. If the NBA is ever serious about expansion, these eight cities should be at the top of the list. Cincinnati. By Sam Williams Mar 18, 2017. NBA Nike Uniform Concepts This is a personal project based on concepts for NBA team uniforms using already existing Nike templates. The basketball blog 16 Wins A Ring broke the story this week that the NBA is interested in expanding by two new teams as early as 2018-19, although 2019-20 is more likely. Las Vegas. MLB has toyed with the idea of expansion teams. So here goes, my idea/concept for an NFL Expansion. While not as dramatic as a multi-bag hit, it is the main building block of a win. Pittsburgh. www.forbes.com 'NBA 2K17:' How To Build An Effective Expansion Team In MyGM. Written by Dylan Jackson (@nfcsouthrivals) on 01 October 2017 In a recent interview with Portland SG CJ McCollum, NBA commissioner stated that NBA expansion was "inevitable". I just finished a Photoshop class and have been making logos for basketball teams in my free time since you can put them in 2k as expansion teams now. of teams 30 Countries United States (29 teams) Canada (1 team) Headquarters 345 Park Avenue New York, NY 10022 U.S. Cities in North America that could be good to host an expansion NBA franchise within the next few years. Kansas City. 1200 x 675 png 701kB. National Basketball Association (NBA) Current season, competition or edition: 2020–21 NBA season Sport Basketball Founded June 6, 1946 ; 74 years ago (1946-06-06) (as BAA), New York City, U.S. Inaugural season 1946–47 Commissioner Adam Silver No. Calgary . Recommended Posts . A move into Las Vegas, puts the NBA in a market that’s given it’s expansion NHL team a huge home advantage. mvk 52 mvk 52 Members; 52 146 posts; Posted October 14, 2013. 1. At some point in the future, MLB is going to expand again. The city of Kansas, Missouri has remained dormant for way too long, it’s time that they got their shine in the NBA. The 30 owners can all claim their shares of about $200 million each (based on a $3 billion expansion fee), and it will feel a bit like the Christmas that was the last TV contract. NBA Expansion in Montreal: Five Reasons Why Canada Deserves a Second NBA Team . Followers 1. As recently as 2010, Louisville made the short list when the then Charlotte Hornets left for greener pastures to New Orleans. Instagram: @nbaexpanded Here's a preview of the Austin Freetails and the Kansas City Sauce. If I’m NBA Commissioner, I award expansion teams to Seattle and Las Vegas. boards.sportslogos.net. Welcome to Free Photos Download Free HD Wallpapers [Mobile + Desktop] NBA Teams expansion logos - Concepts - … They haven't expanded since 1998, but if there is MLB expansion, here are seven cities for new teams. via thehockeywriters.com. 8 NBA Teams That Could Relocate And 8 Possible Destinations. Pittsburgh hasn't had an NBA team in a long time and it's about time the NBA started taking a closer look into it as a possible NBA city. There's just one problem, though - they don't have a name yet! The Grizzlies were part of the NBA's 1995 expansion into Canada, but poor attendance (largely due to the team's poor play) caused the franchise to move to the United States; the team … Since then Louisville has tried to lure an NBA team whenever one has looked to relocate to a new market. There are plenty of cities that deserve NBA teams. So were an NBA team to be plopped into the Bell Centre there is a case that it would be supported. With the recent NBA weekend series in London and rumors that the NBA … 1200 x 675 png 709kB. By mvk, October 14, 2013 in Concepts. Montreal. NBA Nike Uniform Concepts. We're coming upon the longest stretch since 1950 for no expansion in baseball, but … Despite having a population of nearly 9 million, the current state of a Mexico City expansion team appears in doubt. The expansion focuses on the eventual goal of adding one additional team per division, to avoid realignment. NBA 2K18 Custom/Rebrand Teams - Concepts - Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Community - CCSLC ... 1024 x 1024 png 320kB. Download it and make more creative edits for your free educational & non-commercial project. It also moves forward the NBA’s acceptance of gambling. Silver has been a proponent and he can embrace it even more by moving to this sports betting mecca. Slapping a ball over the infield's head just short of the outfield is the quintessential hit in baseball: the single. www.forbes.com . Current teams are depicted in green, proposed expansion teams are red. 6 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Nike will take over as the uniform provider for the NBA for the 2017-2018 season. If it’s two teams, Seattle and Las Vegas have billionaires galore, you can move Memphis to the Eastern Conference for standings-balance nerds, and all the fun is sucked out of the topic immediately. The New Orleans Pelicans announced an expansion team in Birmingham, Ala., which will play in Erie starting in 2019-20, and is expected to relocate to Birmingham in 2022, following the renovation of Legacy Arena. Nashville. news.sportslogos.net This could possibly have ripple effects throughout the NBA. Get a single, get on base, and things will happen. If I come up with anything good I wouldn't mind posting whatever I make here for y'all to use Imagine NBA decided to add a ton of expansion teams to the league, for some reason. In today's NBA Zone video, we talk about 10 cities that need an NBA team. Current MLB Team. Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Tom Lohr. The thing is, I have problems coming up with ideas for team names. NBA 2K17 is a basketball simulation video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports.It is the 18th installment in the NBA 2K franchise and the successor to NBA 2K16.It was released worldwide on September 20, 2016, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.Players who pre-ordered the game received it on September 16, 2016. Concept Art for the potential "Seattle Sockeyes" NHL Team ... 1458 x 1350 jpeg 473kB. Future MLB Expansion Concept Sign in to follow this . Until recently. NBA 2K17: 10 Intriguing Ways To Play MyLeague and MyGM. I bring back the Seattle SuperSonics. Even should Montreal land an MLB team, the group says, the city could manage. So this is continuing on a concept from earlier this year, I didn't have enough time to work on it and it got shut down. Most recent … Nba Teams Expansion Logos Concepts Chris Creamers - Kentucky Colonels Basketball Logo Clipart is a handpicked free hd PNG images. The NBA’s expansion to Mexico City would seem like common sense. Of course, fans will never accept losing the team that they love, but it has been happening for decades. When the arena issues are resolved then Cincinnati can be seen as a possible expansion or relocation for an NBA team. Rumors have been circulating about a potential NBA expansion for years, but they have been just that—rumors. Was hoping you guys could throw some at me for inspiration. I wanted a challenge, so I assigned myself a project of redesigning the entire NBA (including All Star & Seattle Supersonics uniforms). No great argument here. So in light of a new era, Adam Silver has turned to us, r/NBA for help. Future MLB Expansion Concept. If there were to be an NBA expansion team, what would it mean for the Charlotte Hornets? The advantage of transparent image is that it can be used efficiently. “And there’s this concept of the collective bargain agreement that expansion dollars are not shared with the players. St. Louis. Abelimages/Getty Images. They also hope to become the first team in baseball history to have African-American majority ownership, and only the second in all of major sports, joining the NBA… The NBA G League welcomes a 28th team for the 2019-20 season in the College Park Skyhawks, affiliate of the Atlanta Hawks. Kentucky.

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