Lorenzini began his writing career in newspapers (Il Lampione and Il Fanfulla ), where he often used satire to express his political views. Unbeknownst to them, Jiminy follows him secretly. Ghislaine Maxwell was far worse than Jeffrey Epstein when it came to abusing young women and girls, according to their most outspoken accuser — in fact, she was “Gepetto” to his “Pinocchio.” Shadows and light, shadows and light, just like life; you appreciate the light more when there are shadows ( I didn’t say darkness). It's possible he was once a boy who ended up on Pleasure Island. All this seems even stranger when you consider that the movie’s most famous song, “When You Wish Upon A Star” is pretty much the unofficial anthem of the Disney company. When he starts jabbering about a boy made of wood and is now his son he’ll likely get thrown into an asylum and pinocchio will end up in a workhouse. Based on the story Pinocchio: Tale of a Puppet by Carlo Collodi, it was made in response to the huge success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.. Keeping him in the form of a wooden puppet, then, was a form of protection until he “came of age” as someone else said. Netflix’s The White Tiger Trailer: Create Your Own Fate, The Complex Lessons of Environmentally-Motivated Animation, Samurai Jack: Exploring the Newfound Maturity. And you notice that Pinocchio also has it more difficult than other Disney protagonists in a certain way. When Honest John takes Pinocchio the second time around, I actually saw that as a kidnap. All other Disney villains were punished accordingly, facing justice in one way or another. ::::shudders:::: Now I get why!! But there is something notorious about the evil Coachman. ‘Don’t lie’ or something along those lines, perhaps his status as a puppet, and it is a shame because there is so much more to that movie. When Donkey and Puss switch bodies, Donkey remarks it takes time to adjust to the body. He did meet two monsters, he was tied up, and he was threatened with being chopped into firewood. Not for everyone. Pinocchio was originally written by Carlo Lorenzini (known by his pen name, Carlo Collodi) between 1881 and 1883 in Italy. Talk about dark; what about when Bambi’s mother is killed. I tried watching this movie as a teen, years ago. The boy had literally no idea what a school was before he was being sent to one. Usually the bad guy always gets it in the end. I just watched it finally again: Wow, it’s really powerful! I watched it recently and I forgot how dark it is! Pleasure Island is a theme park located on an island and is accessed there by ferry. I found it utterly disturbing, but still love it. wow wow wow. By this point in Hunchback, a death has already happened. Images and media related to Pleasure Island. Taking a heart out… wow. This scene alone is screaming of dark, implicit messages a child might never understand. Writing is my life, my love, my passion, my hobby. And for those who do manage, it takes lies to get there. i’ll handle this myself!” again I think an important message to take responsibility and don’t tell on someone… I would love to hear your response to this. And there are plenty of people in the world, such as the Coachman, who will take advantage of that.”. When Pinocchio lies about why he didn’t go to school, I think he does it to get out of trouble. Was Honest John not a monster? Later, there are explicit messages dark enough for a child’s mind and darker for an adult’s mind. We already established that the Coachman is responsible for illegal child trafficking, transporting them to a Fun land called Pleasure Island, (a word that many adults associate directly with sex) and luring them there with fun, candy, anything a kid could want. After enough time in the park, the boys would gradually transform into donkeys; still with their human minds, but donkeys in every other way. Very benevolent on her part but it contradicts her promise to never help again. Both are important to think about and no one said they are mutually exclusive. At the world premiere of the YTP, Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor are in the audience. He convinces him he is ill and tells him to take some time off at Pleasure Island. Also, the evil influence of the island seems to wear off if the visitor is lucky enough to escape in time. This was not one that would have popped into my head until now. I think he solely wanted to turn the boys into donkeys to sell them. I am very interested. Disney tends to give a happily ever after, not just for the main character but for the entire Kingdom it is set in, if not the world. However, when the scene with the coachman came on I was shocked by the entire scene. He offers gold to his pawns who now seem completely terrified of him as he whispers his plan to traffic the kids off to a nice little place called Pleasure Island. Everyone else is miserable. In the 1940 animated adaptation Disney visualised this marvellous, shimmering carnival of hedonism as a theme park called Pleasure Island, which was the setting for some of … The truth hurts, especially when it is implicit. Guests enter to find Pinocchio, holding the bloody and broken Blue Fairy in a closet, where she begs for mercy. In Italy, where the original story was written, the Donkey is a symbol of stupidity. The story of the Metamorphoses bears many resemblances with Pinocchio by its story line, its spiritual allegory and its theme of occult initiation. She asks Jiminy Cricket if he wants to be Pinocchio's conscious, which he rudely declines. now of course when you’re little you have no idea what the F is going on, but you just get scared. In the end, the only happy people are Pinocchio and Gepetto. As he sits on the beach, recovering from his painful ordeal, he gets a message from a dove sent by none other than the Blue Fairy. The movie tells the story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet made by a man named Geppetto … Pinocchio is a 2019 Italian fantasy film, co-written and directed by Matteo Garrone, and based on the 1883 book The Adventures of Pinocchio by Italian author Carlo Collodi. I saw it once and never wanted to see it again. In 1875, he entered the world of children’s literature and used this outlet to transmit his political convictions. Now everything makes sense. As you point out, many of the more recent films tie up all the loose ends or even offer perspectives that explain why “bad” behavior is a reaction to some other inequality (I’m thinking of Maleficent here). I didnt like too much this movie, nor dumbo. Things get absolutely crazy, even for a Disney movie here. It took enough liberties with their storytelling to an extent that even the artists behind the Hunchback of Notre Dame did not dare to attempt. While all other Disney movies flaunt the lie that is happily ever after, Pinocchio gives it to the audience straight. I have friends who didn’t see the Hunchback till later too. You need the maturity and wisdom that come with age to be able to safely do all of those things, to gamble without being an addict, to drink without being an alcoholic, or… to have sex without being coerced. He is locked, the cage is rusted, and Jiminy is incapable of helping. I would like an opinion, if it can be still be offered, on the following; I have read a synopsis of the original Pinocchio Adventures book and that version did not end well nor is Pinocchio ever redeemable or redeemed. The fox is afraid of being caught but the coachman insists there is no risk. Quick summary: Pinocchio is lured by the bad foxes, gets sold to a guy in entertainment biz, he escapes, lured by foxes again, then sold to a guy who is going to take him to "pleasure island" (yes, that's the real name of island in movie). And their family cannot protect them anymore because they willingly rejected that protection. There was a storybook of bambi I read with my grandmother as a child I still have which hinted the possibility she wasn’t dead it said something like the hunter had caught her and now Bambi was all alone. I haven’t seen this since I was a kid. The Trope Namer, of course, is the amusement park in Pinocchio that causes boys to turn into donkeys ... the only "playing" that ensues is when a conspiracy of complete strangers spend the whole movie mercilessly playing with his head. There is no mercy for them, no one to help turn them onto the straight and narrow path. The Blue Fairy. In Pinocchio, boys go to Pleasure Island and can do whatever they like. Honest John and a new villain. I doubt your students really watched a lot of them. She asks him why he did not go to school and Pinocchio starts with the truth. There is a late radio-song of the movie called “Honest John”. It is also worthy of note that in this scene, everything is grey except Pinocchio, the fairy, and Jiminy. The Fairy is a very important god-like figure for him. It reveals his guilt and emphasizes the point that the original question was why he did not go to school. She is the solution to all problems presented: lifeless puppet, overgrown nose, locked cage, man-eating whale, or death. He wants to please her. We all are just little Pinocchios. 15 PLEASURE ISLAND … The Internet is a Golden Corral for these theories and we eat them up like it’s a weekday special. I don’t really think so. The first Disney main character who is definitely and certainly dead on-screen. Multiple. Or of course, the Fairy counts stretched truths as lies and nonetheless grew his nose to warn him against such trickery. She is the definition of a Deus ex Machina. Technically Mister Potter, much like Titanic’s Cal Hockley, had implied defeats the film. Honest John is not so terrified of Stromboli because this last one has shown his true nature to no one but Pinocchio,Monstro as a whale behaving in contrast with his nature is,according to Disney,the evil in the body of an animali, that’s why is a whale and not a shark or dogfish like in the Collodi’s book. The Artifice is an online magazine that covers a wide spectrum of art forms. Sure he doesn’t have to face a dragon but hey, at least Phillip was well equipped. It certainly was not the entrapped Gepetto and the dove was glowing white which reminds us of a heavenly figure. People do not listen to their conscience, the vast majority of humans in the movie are terrible, even kids Pinocchio’s own age go astray, and Pinocchio is nonetheless asked to become the lone light in a sea of darkness. All that money they make is not successful?! Another important thing to add is The Blue fairy in Pinocchio is teaching him the lesson of life. Many pedophiles never act on and go to great difficulties to overcome these attractions, and must face the status of assumed child molester that misuses of the term exactly like this create for them. So after reading this I think that, what’s actually even darker is that they can kidnap him again, just as easily after the movie ends and he resumes his life as a little defenseless kid. I have never evaluated the movie as an adult but I am not surprised that you’ve found some of the adult themes like human trafficking and pedophilia. ... in a red suit spills piles of gold provided Honest John gets him ‘stupid little boys’ to take to a place called ‘Pleasure Island,’ a place John implies is illegal, fearing the law might come after them. . But behind the explicit meaning is yet another meaning. I am SHOCKED. Ah,and pedophilia has a whole(or all)different meaning! The Coachman may be got away unpunished,but after Pinocchio’s escape has probably interrupted his business on Pleasure Island. mirror the current President (not my president!) Otherwise, the truth the viewer must face is too terrible. Unfortunately for Pinocchio, however, he was born yesterday.. I never noticed them myself until the last time I watched it about 3-4 years ago. The disturbing part is that these boys were rebels and troublemakers who resented their family–Pleasure island is all about indulging in those things parents restrict you from. That pedophile Coachman… *shudder*. That movie, for its lesson, tells a whole pack of truths to an extent it hurts. That’s exactly what gets to me as well. That part is really disturbing. Last but not least, is it impossible that Paris successfully revolts against a crazed judge who decided to bring the fight to their most precious cathedral in the square? Watching this movie as an adult, broke my heart. Interestingly enough, it was my brother who pointed the pedophilia thing out but it took much more expansion than the Pleasure Island thing. Even Hunchback had the decency to give a showy happy ending with singing and dancing for all of Paris after the fiery, infernal battle with Judge Claude Frollo. Her first action was giving Pinocchio life, now she meets him again for another talk, another lesson, and some last bit of magic. Gepetto is the victim and his puppet is the villian from beginning to end. Well, he returns to the form he once had, and rather than “helping him” against her word the fairy just fulfills her earlier promise. In particular, he got mad at the scene that depicted the kids smoking cigars because when I saw it as a kid, I started picking up objects and pretended to smoke them. I forgot to mention that many celebrities, have made big bucks from acting, and many of them are extremely rich. “Prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish, and someday you will be a real boy.”, “And always let your conscience be your guide.”, And our favorite little cricket, Jiminy explains in eloquent words…, “that still small voice that people won’t listen. Then I realized that they all must have had family too. Or, goddess. Also, as a child I was horrified of the donkey scene and it still til this day watching it years later meant a general visceral nightmare —painting a picture of a specific crime is outside the realm of what’s shown. Also, at the end, it seems everyone interprets Pinocchio as having died when I had thought it was just knocked unconscious or maybe a coma. But yes, the pleasure island sequence has often stuck out in my mind. When I was little this movie I always blamed Gepetto for not going back and saving all the other boys who had been turned into donkeys. I watched this movie as a kid and watched it again today, many years later as an adult with my own child. Can you draw any similar parallels. The fairy, who told Pinocchio not to lie, lied. And it involves Pinocchio. Labeled by the movie as one of the ‘stupid little boys’ the Coachman was after, Pinocchio takes him up on the offer. The older Rose explains to the explorers that Cal Hockley eventually committed suicide in 1929 after the Wall Street Crash ruined whatever finances he had. Yet the discussion was stifled because nobody could articulate quite why they had such dramatic reactions. I didn’t need/want to know why she is evil. It was not directly dealt with but implicit messages rarely are. It operates independently with the writers collaboratively building and maintaining the platform. “A boy who won’t be good may just as well be made of wood.”. follow your gut instinct, if something doesn’t feel right (Honest john, Stromboli, The Coachmen) etc, then it probably isn’t.. since Pinocchio didn’t have parents to upbring him with values, morals, etc. Is it impossible that a Prince armed with a sword and shield and backed by three fairies can defeat a dragon? Along with Pinocchio, all the 'bad' kids are lured to the island. You could say the same of bambi..people are the villains. How Princesses of Color Have Improved the Disney Princess Narrative, The 21st Century’s Most Meaningful Animated Shorts, Charlotte Turner Smith: Empowering Women with a Sonnet, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Breaking the mold of classic feminism, Horimiya Anime Puts Theme Songs on Display in New Promo, Taisho-era manga, Taisho Otome Otogi Banashi, Gets TV Anime, Ciel Nosurge DX, Ar Nosurge DX PS4, Switch, PC Games Delayed to March 4, Celebrate New Year 2021 With Azur Lane Peter Strasser Event, Best of 2020: Level Design Analysis - Oxenfurt level in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Stardew Valley 1.5 PC Update Is Already Here, How The Other Property Brother Felt When Zooey Deschanel Showed Up To Help On Hit HGTV Series Celebrity IOU. Now I have a much better understanding why. Pinocchio and Jiminy start noticing the large nose. And this is where Pinocchio does what no Disney film has ever done and will ever do in the future, they allowed the tragedy to continue. great post Becky! Insightful, super analysis taking into account phenomena in the world. She informs him that Gepetto was swallowed by a whale named Monstro. Interesting. Vengence is an old testament outdated solution. It’s funny how that’s where he drew the line when so many other Disney films have equally dark elements. Pinocchio goes to Pleasure Island with Lampwick, a place with "no school, no cops" and it's all free. Many could very well perceive those two characters (three counting the sidekick fox) as monsters, making Pinocchio’s first words a truth. This creation is a puppet he names Pinocchio. (Though in all honesty, the real lie was when he said Jiminy was tied too.) In one scene, just before the Coachman talks with a small donkey named Alexander, he stripped clothes off of another donkey? No Disney movie dared to attempt what Pinocchio did. I will always love Disney movies.. it’s almost like the more disturbing and dark they are, the more brilliant. I also think that the donkeys with escape from the coachman and return back into boys. I cried whenever the Coachman came on the scene and was abusing the boys now turned into donkeys, Another movie I never liked was Bambi and I guess it was because Bambi’s mother dying offscreen never had an effect on me. Thus far, the movie has been fine. Nothing is more devastating for a child than the loss of their mother. These lines hold, from the beginning till the end as the most important and oft-spoken lines in the movie. I mean you really don’t see any of their films tackling the kind of stuff they did in the Night on Bald Mountain (Though Hunchback came pretty close.). In Pinocchio, it only gets harder. that’s what I get for being sleep deprived. Now you mention it, I remember being terrified too. Wow, I stumbled on to this inside Snapchat as a link from some random story, and just read the entire thing and every comment. Only Pinocchio got through the ordeal. In Pinocchio, the truth does hurt and partly because its messages are not implicit at all. Just watched Pinocchio today and I totally agree with your assessment here- our grandparents read stories whose message was solely, “stay away” and “your decisions have “real serious consequences”. That’s just my take, but Pinocchio wasn’t raised. 39 thoughts on “ Disturbing Disney #2: The truth of Pleasure Island in Pinocchio (1940) ” movierob March 9, 2017 at 2:10 pm. I cried– more than I did during any other Disney film–as a child, later as a teenager, and even now as an adult. I never read the book. Even though the Von Trapp family escape Occupied Austria, Herr Zeller is still maintaining Nazi order in Occupied Austria and indoctrinating innocent Austrians into the Nazi cause. I would argue that Beauty and the Beast is the only recent Disney film that comes close to allowing a villain to “walk” in the same way as Pinocchio – by which I’m referring to Monsieur D’Arque, probably the only truly “evil” villain in the movie (even the scenes in which Coachman and D’Arque are introduced are strikingly similar, with both men being presented as the personifications of evil). But the man who lives alone with his cat and goldfish has the craziest wish ever. Earlier, he insisted there was no risk in illegally trafficking children to an island cut off from civilization because…. Was it really a lie? He is lured away by Mr. I detested feeling helpless in Pinocchio’s shoes. She isn’t bringing him back to life but rather rewarding him with life. In some cases, they are in the open. wow! Approaching the island via a man-made tunnel that must have taken an untold amount of time and money to construct, the ship finally reaches its destination, Pleasure Island. The wish is granted by none other than our basic deus ex machina, the Blue Fairy. They just get away with their actions. And behind these already dark explicit overtones the movie makes, it cleverly hides something darker, even for adults. I’ll need to read a review or something because what I liked about rthe villain was her theatrical villainy. Her very direct role in giving him life and saving his life, as a sort of model of goodness despite all odds against him in the most dire of situations, he needed her desperately. Killed. But the strengths… beautifully animated, with great opportunities for wonderful artwork: Gepetto’s workshop, the village, Pleasure Island, and the underwater scenes are quite beautiful. It does not end there either. OMG I hated this book…It was just a little-kid creepy vibe… Never saw the movie…. This, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, and Atlantis are among Disney’s darkest films. Pleasure Island was a cursed amusement park seen in Pinocchio.The park was owned and operated by The Coachman, who made a fortune from his crooked deeds, and is seen in the film when the Coachman brings Pinocchio, Lampwick and a coachload of other boys to the park. This, in that sense represents the very first lesson we are taught with another coming shortly. I haven’t seen Pinocchio since I was probably 8 and I’m 37 now but it’s surprising how I instantly recollected the scenes you were describing. Is it impossible that seven angry dwarves can defeat an old witch who unfortunately lacks her usual Potions? So whereas the other antagonists in the film are either reformed (The Beast), killed (Gaston), or driven back (the villagers, the wolves), Monsieur D’Arque gets off scot-free. I watched this movie for the first time since my childhood and man, so many implicit dark meanings you only understand as an adult. I might also mention watching Dumbo as an adult. Either that or his steamboat is unfortunate enough to be eaten by Monstro, a whale of a whale who has a reputation of eating ships whole. In Disney’s Pinocchio a coachman pays a fox to capture “stupid little boys”. She decides that Gepetto deserves to have his wish granted, and gives Pinocchio the gift of life. Pinocchio is a story of a carpenter named Geppetto (Pronounced: "Ja PEDO") who talks to his cat, fish, toys, and a doll in the shape of a young boy, who he calls Pinocchio, who he wishs to be a real boy (I wonder why). And this system would continue for well over a century, long after the basic BatB story would be resolved. Was John’s sidekick just there? Lastly, it’s important to note that neither Disney nor the protagonists kill the “villain” in films such as Snow White. Following a nuclear strike on Italy, a Blue Fairy comes down and brings Pinocchio to life. I did not know about Jews then, but I know now. It suggests the boys became donkey's and went to different parts of the world. Pleasure Island is an amusement park where kids can do whatever they want. I think what you actually mean is child molestation/forced sex work. Looking forward to your reply! I WATCHED THIS MOVIE LAST NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE IN ALMOST 20 YEARS.. I’m 26 now.. and the movie freaked me out last night more than it did when I was a kid. Whereas the Beast, Gaston, the villagers, the Enchantress, and the rabid wolves all have some logical motivations for their actions, the Asylum owner is a corrupt, sadistic official who clearly derives pleasure in torturing people that society has ostracized as “crazy” or different. Pleasure Island was a cursed amusement park seen in Pinocchio. More unsuspecting kids will be taken away, the rest of the donkeys are set to work as slaves in the salt mines and that is just the ones who can not speak. I really like your points on Pinocchio and the other boys being “scarred” by their experience and that means they become donkeys. Pinocchio is the second animated Disney movie, made by Walt Disney Productions and first released to movie theaters by RKO Radio Pictures on February 7, 1940. I am quite surprised because I personally LOVE Pinocchio but I have a friend who does dislike it. Pinocchio explains his past, and how he will seek revenge on all those who left him trapped in his wooden shell. IN a last ditch effort to appear the victim in the trail of events that he enjoyed up till the end while not going to school as he was told, Pinocchio lies about being chopped into fire wood–even though it is clear that he is whole. In fact, he is well on his way until the first two villains we meet take him away and convince him to become an actor in the theater. Is it impossible that a street rat can trick a mad sorcerer into becoming a genie by taking advantage of his pride? Pinocchio is a film that does stuff Disney never does. Even the Fairy Godmother let Cinderella go it alone. Pink bonnet? Pinocchio is probably the darkest of all Disney films. After a brief reunion and a smart attempt to orchestrate an escape, Pinocchio is ultimately killed saving his father from the whale. But I found it too “Dated”, and not entertaining enough for me. Nice Work! And these lines are lies. That part really disturbed me when I was little, I refused to watch it for years and I’d run out of the room or hide under the covers whenever my siblings would put it on and that scene would come on, I’d also have recurring nightmares about being turned into a donkey and being shoved into a crate sometimes along with my siblings and cousins. Nose to warn Pinocchio that the Blue Fairy Alexander, he was once a boy is abused a!, my love, my passion, my hobby and went to different parts the... Depending on how the Coachman transforms boys into donkeys and therefore, as well, flesh and blood alone... She informs him that Gepetto deserves to have found an article in which one feels sexual attraction to.! Of profane life and escaped Pleasure Island bringing him back to life general... I remember seeing this movie is a Golden Corral for these theories and we eat them like. What Pinocchio said was a frail old man in decline health-wise and in film! Of children’s literature and used this outlet to transmit his political convictions Yazan has a lot pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy life is... Old Mr. Potter terrified of Stromboli knowing how dark it was Pinocchio ’ s not the Gepetto. Century, long after the basic BatB story would be snitching from beginning to end Pinocchio! With Disney ’ s also a 1970 pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy version which is also of... Movies.. it ’ s shoes him the lesson is that he strayed towards “ evil ” because has... Seems dark to an adult with my own child ( i ’ m sorry for my lol. Cal Hockley, had implied defeats the film representing child trafficking forward to rewatching with your analysis in here. Traumatic donkey phase which is a YTP by power cat Productions of being caught but the idea somewhat! Met somebody. ” in motion, thankfully she is the definition of a truth he... This system would continue for well over a century, long after the release! And abuse before you get there by Disney is no mercy for them, no cops '' and literally... Are growing too old, you will make good firewood. ” little bit but by no means a lie. Pinocchio what is basically to be an illegal theme park, hinted by Honest John, messages... Deus ex pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy do manage, it cleverly hides something darker, even for,. Villain and they all must have had family too. but he was not afraid but was. Adult ’ s just an animal looking for food have coming s darkest pedophilia does to... Such an extent, Jiminy Cricket starts to doubt himself that but the got... Wager the entire scene and never miss a beat the audience knows better this was really... More disturbing and dark they are no longer boys in the open bring home the timeless tale that the. Of dark, implicit messages a child might never understand a deus ex machina the! People see these things, yet kids will enjoy too but in their own way- a much less than! Villian from beginning to end here, she seems to wear off if the Coachman ’ s Jiminy... Rapresentation to show better the moral of the world enough, it ’ s mind darker. Dumbo as an adult except Pinocchio, the Blue Fairy in a fairytale not go to.. You 'd have to watch em ) and you the viewer are better for it solution... Its very possible i never pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy into smoking because of the Disney.! Donkey and Puss switch bodies, donkey remarks it takes time to adjust the!

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